Families going through a divorce process are often in a fragile state. Good people are hurt, angry, and highly emotional, which can lead to a very difficult divorce. These feelings are often worsened by the divorce process itself. At Wennogle Law, we make every attempt to help manage these feelings and focus on realistic expectations for the future. Many people don’t realize there are out-of-court processes that eliminate the traditional adversarial court system. We invite you to contact us for more information. 

New Jersey divorce lawyer

As an experienced New Jersey family law attorney, Denise A. Wennogle brings comprehensive legal and personal sensitivity to each client and their family, helping to define goals and develop realistic strategies for accomplishing them, while considering each unique situation with particular attention to the needs of the children. She encourages smart and sensible solutions to conflicts that are in the best long-term interests of the family, utilizing settlement-oriented processes with litigation as a last resort. Denise strongly believes knowledge is power and offers free one-half-hour consultations to explain the various processes.



The mediator is a neutral and objective third party encouraging and guiding the parties to resolution.


When a high-level of conflict between parents continues, a PC may be exactly what the family needs.


An out-of-court settlement process utilizing a team approach to obtain a divorce.


When parties cannot or do not want to agree on how to resolve their issues, a judge will decide for them. ​

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There are roles and various opportunities and roles for an attorney to be of good counsel for families.