How much does a divorce cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer because almost all divorce attorneys charge an hourly rate and bill you for the time they spend on your matter. Sometimes a matter that presents itself as very simple turns out not to be and can cost a tremendous amount. Other times, a case presenting as very difficult is less costly than originally thought. You can use these guidelines:

  1. The quicker a case settles, the less it will cost.
  2. The longer a case takes to settle, the more it will cost.
  3. The more adversarial a case is, the more it will cost.
  4. If a trial is necessary, it will be very costly.

The cost of a divorce will depend upon the process the parties use and their level of cooperation with each other, which either encourages settlement or fosters antagonism.

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How can I get custody of my children?

In New Jersey there is a presumption that both parents have a right to raise their children. But, the care and custody of children is always based upon what is in their best interests, not the parent’s rights. In New Jersey, legal custody and physical custody are two separate issues. In joint legal custody the parents work together to make the major decisions in a child’s life, i.e. health, education and religion. In rare cases the court may issue sole custody. This can be very difficult and involve multiple custody evaluators, reports and ultimately trial. Unless a parent is found incapable of raising their children, the court prefers that both parents are involved in their legal custody. Parenting time and visitation are also focused on the needs and best interests of the children. The most difficult aspect of a divorce when children are involved, is that each parent will no longer be able to tuck their children in bed each night. Unfortunately, this is a heart-breaking aspect of moving forward with a divorce, but most of the time the children thrive when their parents are happy. It is always best for parents to work together to ensure a secure and positive lifestyle for their children.

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