Other legal assistance

There are various roles and opportunities for an attorney to be of good counsel for families. Sometimes there are reasons for limited representation, unbundled legal services, uncontested divorces, prenuptial agreements, and different types of consultations.

At Wennogle Law, we assist families in a variety of ways:

Consultations. Most parties know the benefits of having advice from an attorney before moving forward with any type of negotiations. An attorney will need the facts of the case in order to give advice. The more accurate the facts the attorney receives, the better advice the party will receive.

Process Consultations. Denise will be happy to meet with a divorcing couple and give a Process Consultation. Case details are not discussed. However, the parties will be educated on the several divorce processes, litigation, tabletop, mediation, and collaborative divorce, so that they are aware of the best way to proceed with their divorce.

Limited Representation or Unbundled Legal Services. There are times when a party may not require full-blown representation to assist them in either settling their matter or in litigation. Denise can assist by reviewing documents, explaining court procedures, and helping in other limited ways. These types of services may not be appropriate in all cases, and taking on such a matter will depend on a variety of factors.

Uncontested Divorces. Many times the parties have a very good idea about how they would like to handle all or most issues in their divorce. One party may decide to retain Denise to review their agreement, create the legal Settlement Agreement, and move forward with an uncontested divorce.

Prenuptial Agreements. Prior to entering into a marriage, for a variety of reasons, a couple may want to define marital rights and responsibilities upfront by entering into a prenuptial agreement. It is important to start this process several months before the planned wedding date.

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Parent Coordination

When a high-level of conflict between parents continues, a PC may be exactly what the family needs.

Divorce Mediation

The mediator is a neutral and objective third party encouraging and guiding the parties to resolution.

Collaborative Divorce

An out-of-court settlement process utilizing a team approach to obtain a divorce.

Courtroom Advocacy

When parties cannot or do not want to agree on how to resolve their issues, a judge will decide for them. ​