Parenting Coordination

Sometimes parents can’t seem to get along no matter what. There can be many causes for this situation. Their disagreements can be simply a result of different parenting styles, or perhaps there is a level of distrust of the other parent, or perhaps one or both parents have mental health issues or a personality disorder. These are some of the myriad of reasons that parents return to court over and over again, even when a court has decided upon custody after custody evaluations, trial or agreements made by the parties.

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Divorce Mediation

The mediator is a neutral and objective third party encouraging and guiding the parties to resolution.

Collaborative Divorce

An out-of-court settlement process utilizing a team approach to obtain a divorce.

Courtroom Advocacy

When parties cannot or do not want to agree on how to resolve their issues, a judge will decide for them. ​

Other Legal Assistance

There are various opportunities and roles for an attorney to be of good counsel for families.